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Sapphire Mail Utility

Product Details
Online Manual
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Sapphire Sim Utility

Version 1.0

Online Manual

The manual documentation for the Sapphire SIM Utility is still under development. However, you can have access to the manual documentation for the other utilities.

Documentation for all the Sapphire Utilities can be viewed online or downloaded offline in either HTML as a searchable Windows Help File (CHM).

The documentation covers the following details:

  • Installation instructions
  • Release notes
  • Supported hardware
  • Demo project guide
  • VB.NET function reference
  • eVB function reference
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Licence and purchase information
  • Support information

Please select one of the following manual options:

  1. View online
  2. Download HTML version as a zip file (508.6 KB)
  3. Download searchable Windows CHM file (677.0 KB)
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